Of the two mighty legs upon which the GX-10 is stood, Samsung has stuck with the stronger of the two – the superb, pro-standard body with its formidable weatherproofing – and ditched the old 10megapixel CCD sensor.

In its place is Samsung’s own CMOS sensor, capable of pumping out ridiculously huge 14.6megapixel images. Also new is the latest trendy SLR addition of Live View.

More is better

Playing the numbers game, the rear LCD has been upped almost imperceptibly to 2.7in and the highest ISO is now up to 3200. It’s a shame the continuous shooting rate remains a distinctly average 3fps.

Good news is that the sensor is an improvement, capturing more accurate colours, although similar levels of detail and noise.

Noisy mutha

At ISO 3200 image noise is just terrible, if not as bad as on the Sony DSLR-A200. It doesn’t pick up the sheer range of tones of the Canon EOS 450D, nor saturate colours as pleasantly as the Nikon D60, but it has its own nice, contrasty look.

It’s also easily the fastest and most accurate in this price range when it comes to focusing – and the in-body image stabiliser is excellent.

It ain’t cheap by any means, though – £900 is still a high price to pay for a bomb-proof build and a couple more megapixels.

Stuff says... 

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