Mobile fanatics will be well aware of the INQ-baiting Genio range from Samsung. But for those at the back, the Samsung Genio Slide is the latest cheap cell to come out of Seoul. It’s aim? To tout its substantial social-networking nous in a package that costs less than a shopping spree at Lidl.

iPlayer onboard

With the Genio Slide, Samsung is clearly standing up to the likes of the HTC Tattoo and INQ Chat 3G. It comes stuffed with native apps to let you get onto every top-end social network there is. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and even Bebo can be loaded up from the TouchWiz sidebar, or dragged to one of three home screens for immediate access.

But it’s the inclusion of BBC iPlayer that makes the Genio Slide stand above its similarly specced competitors. Like Twitter, you tap into Auntie’s on-demand service from the sidebar, downloading shows on your PC before shuffling them across to your blower.

There’s no onboard storage to write home about, but SD support means you can stash a few hours of clips. Images aren’t eyeball-stroking, but the 2.8in QVGA panel is more than ample when used to while away a brief train trip or bus ride.


While software steals the show on the Samsung Genio Slide, the hardware comes a close second. The slide-out QWERTY is among the best and most responsive we’ve ever used, including on some pricier smartphones (Nokia and Motorola, we’re looking at you).

That said, the sliding mechanism itself really does show up the Genio Slide’s place in the mobile canon. It feels loose and wobbles freely when pushed back under the main body. Imagine having it for 18 months and lugging it around daily in your bag. We fear longevity is not the Genio Slide’s strong point.


The touchscreen, too, is something of a worry. It’s resistive, so requires plenty of patience. It also vibrates wildly every time you touch it. That said, you can turn down the haptics to zero. It’s a move we highly recommend.

Excellent connectivity

It’s no exaggeration to say the Samsung Genio Slide is one of the most accomplished phones at its price point. HSDPA and Wi-Fi mean you’re rarely without the fastest web connections for telling your mates what’s happening over Facey-B.  A-GPS completes a more than respectable roll call.

The 3MP camera is fine for basic shots, but it’s becoming increasingly evident that camera phones aren’t as great as was once hoped. This one handles basic shots in bright light well. Take it out to a bar, though, and expect noisy snaps of you and your mates.

Stuff says... 

Samsung Genio Slide review

A fine budget alternative to the INQ brigade thanks to an excellent keyboard and fine connectivity