Ski boots can often feel like instruments of torture, as if you’ve accidentally picked up some of Robocop’s size 9s. And it’s not just the ill-fitting ones – even the right-sized boots can leave feet cramped with the type of agony dished out in medieval dungeons.

Luckily, there is an answer. Manufacturers have been providing custom liners for years, but although they might improve comfort slightly, they don’t do anything to adjust the hard outer shell. What you need is a tailored hard plastic outer as well as the liner – such as that found on Salomon’s Custom Shell Falcon CS Pros.

Fore foot flexibility

The main problem area with ski boots is the fore foot; this is where most people complain of pain. Nearly all ski boots range between 96mm and 106mm across here, so there is only a 10mm difference between the ones that are eye-wateringly tight and others that are roomy buckets.

The Custom Shell Falcon CS Pro is 98mm as standard, but it is constructed with 2 panels, one either side of the boot that each have a 3mm adjustment range, pushing it to a 104mm.

Cook up comfort

The adjustment process is straight forward: the foot is measured, foot beds are constructed, the shell is put into an oven for 10 minutes, the liners and foot bed go in and you wear them for 15 minutes.

Once the shell has cooled it will be at the ideal width for the wearer. The final touch is to custom fit the liners too, then the whole boot fits as snug and comfy as your socks.

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Not for freaky feet

Once tailored, the Falcon Custom Shell Pros are a perfect fit for most people, but not everyone.

These boots are high-end technical performers and are just too narrow for the widest feet.

Those with mammoth plates will have to wait until next season when Salomon extend Custom Shells to other boots in their range.


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Salomon Custom Shell Falcon CS Pro Ski Boot review

A supremely comfortable custom boot – only the wide-footed should avoid