Tracking your fitness progress or runs has been scientifically proven to keep you motivated and gradually improve your performance. We're guessing that if you throw in posting your stats to Facebook for all and sundry to see, you're liable to pick up the pace even more.

RunKeeper is a competent fitness app that tracks your progress using GPS to record your route, pace and time and automatically syncs your data with an online account and shares with your social media if you so choose.

While there may be nothing particularly groundbreaking here, RunKeeper keeps the whole process nice and simple. First, choose between 13 activities, ranging from running to biking and snowboarding, then simply hit "start" when you're ready for the off. A word of warning though – the GPS can take a while to get a fix on you, so double-check that the green indication light is on before you begin, or you'll get some seriously skewed data.

From there, RunKeeper will record pace, time, route data on Google Maps and elevation. There's even a coaching option if you fancy a bit of a Rocky moment or audio prompts that you can set to inform you of your progress at given time or distance intervals.

You can review all your performances on your handset or nerd out at the rather great RunKeeper website that not only lets you chart your progress through distance, calories and activities, but also connect and compare with "Street Team"members, see others' local routes and even search for the next races in your area.

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RunKeeper review

A capable GPS tracker sports app that will have you match fit in no time