If you haven't been getting all excited about internet radio, we think it's time you did. And to back up our bold claims, we'll be referring to exhibit A: the Blik RadioStation from Revo.  

This world-beating piece of kit crams in FM and DAB tuners – complete with future-proof DAB+ functionality – as well as internet radio and wireless music streaming.

Internet radio icon

We've seen some smart internet radios, notably the Tangent Quattro, but this entrant raises the bar in terms of form and function. It's lithe, light and looks the part in an understated matt black finish. (Much like a dirty Transit van, it's also available in white.)

The RadioStation is very easy to set up. Once turned on and after entering your encryption key, it simply sniffs out your Wi-Fi connection before blurting out myriad radio stations from all corners of the world.  

The usual array of navigational buttons sits atop the unit, while there's a credit card-sized remote control should you not fancy the exercise. A clear LCD screen tells you whether you're listening to happy hardcore direct from Serbia or Sao Paolo, as well as delivering scrolling RDS information via the FM tuner.

Like most desktop radios there's also a line-input at the back of the unit for connecting an MP3 player – Revo call this M-Port mode, but it's just a simple auxiliary input – as well as a headphone connection.

Control treat

This big sack of features doesn't weigh down the navigation one jot either. Controls are intuitive, and the ability to store your favourite internet radio stations is ingenious.

Even the wireless streaming feature is a doddle, thanks in part to Revo's online instructions. Simply enable the sharing of your music folder in Windows Media Player 11 and the radio will instantly access your computer's tunes, allowing you to browse your library on the LCD screen.

Solid sound

While there may be better sound-per-pound radios out there – we're looking at you, Pure Evoke 3 – the Blik more than holds its own, delivering detailed, toe-tapping sounds, if lacking a touch of bottom-end grunt compared to the best.

Of course, for the best sound you need to be wary of those all-important bit-rates. Whether listening to DAB, internet radio or your own digital music, anything under 128kbps is going to leave your RadioStation facing an uphill sonic battle.

We had high hopes for this piece of kit as soon as we cast our eyes down the press release, and we're chuffed to discover that it lives up to the hype. An incredibly versatile, forward-thinking piece of kit that looks, works and sounds every inch the radio of the future. And at £150, it's a bargain.


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Revo Blik RadioStation review

Our new favourite radio. The Blik is super-versatile, sounds good and won't hurt your wallet too badly either