Hands-On Review
22 February 2016 / 22:30GMT

LG Stylus 2 hands-on review

With the Galaxy note a no-show in the UK, LG's Stylus 2 is stepping up...
22 December 2015 / 15:09GMT

LG V10 review

Two screens. Two selfie cameras. Too much of a gimmick?
13 June 2015 / 14:50BST

LG 65UF850V review

Not the best-looking TV out there, but it's big and easy to use
01 June 2015 / 14:15BST

LG G4 review

(UPDATED WITH HANDS-ON VIDEO) The leather-clad challenger for phone of the year
From £500
22 May 2015 / 14:46BST

LG G Watch R review

Update 22/05/15: LG confirms Wi-Fi is coming to its smartwatch soon(ish)
Hands-On Review
06 March 2015 / 14:37GMT

LG Spirit hands-on review

LG's mid-range mobiles just got a very important set of upgrades. Check ...
20 February 2015 / 17:30GMT

LG G Flex 2 review

Second time around the curved phone makes a lot more sense