21 April 2014 / 16:05BST

LG G Pro 2 review

The march of the phablets shows no signs of abating, and being a super-sized...
28 January 2014 / 16:25GMT

LG G Pro 2 preview

UPDATE 11/02/14: The G Pro 2 gets its own special event on 13 February, ahead...
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LG G2 review

The LG G2 promised the moon on a stick when it was announced, and this...
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LG KU990 Viewty review

The Viewty is the spiritual successor to the Prada phone and has a feature...
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LG Prada Phone review

Britain’s Next Top Model, brought to you in association with LG and Prada....
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LG U830 review

A Chocolate clamshell with a creamy HSPDA filling, the U830 promises to be...
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LG Shine review

LG’s sequel to the Chocolate is a metal-hewn slider with a mirrored screen....
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LG U890 review

Complicated and unwieldy, the U890 is good for music but not much else.
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LG P7200 review

The LG P7200 has a 2MP camera with a screen that folds back to make snapping...