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Trailblazer BTH-1 review

The BTH-1 has noise cancelling, three way conference calling, 2-button operation and a ten metre range

Just look at that price tag. OK, so the build and call quality are so-so but it does have noise cancelling – and you can juice it with a Nokia charger.

In fact it’s a pretty decent offering – enough to snatch five stars out of our clenched palms in any case.

Feature packed and a joy to use

It puts up a fair fight against its more expensive competitors. True, it may have an unglamourous five hours of talk time, but so do many more expensive models on the shelves.

It packs 2-button operation, background noise cancelling and a 10-metre range into a dinky 18g frame.

It’s sleek design also houses a bunch of calling charms too: three way conference call and voice dialling, audio prompts for low battery, voice activation and call waiting.

If you’re feeling secretive the privacy option will mute the microphone so you can’t be heard. It’s a bargain basement gem: snap it up.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5