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Sixsixone Pressure Suit review

Mountain biker? Snowboarder? Just incredibly clumsy? You need this pro-level body armour

If you’re going to pull the Sixsixone on and strut around in front of your mates, be willing to go big on the mountain or look a total fool. Wearing a pressure suit is a sartorial no-no – unless your performance lives up to your PR.

Crash barrier

Designed to give maximum protect from hard-hit crashes, the Sixsixone is constructed from a mixture of built-in hard- and soft-shell padding. Versions for snow sports and mountain biking differ slightly, but essentially they do the same job: reduce the pain when you screw up.

Hard-impact resistant pads cup the shoulders, elbows and forearm, while a flexible armadillo plate covers the spine. The back protector is wider and extends lower in the snow-sport version, as the risk of landing on your back is far greater than in downhill mountain biking.

Both jackets also have large breastplate soft-shell impact pads to protect the chest area.

Don’t mash the mesh

The jacket itself is made from mesh, which hugs the body yet lets air circulate, so it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t get too hot. This is also its weakness: after a hard session, the temptation is just to pull it off. Do this and the mesh easily tears away from the pads.

This might be a suit of armour, but you’ll need to undress like a dainty damsel.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5