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Samsung YP-Z5Q review

The 2GB Z5Q has a 35-hour battery life and is slim enough to fit in your pocket, but the controls aren't intuitive

Is it a bird? Is it a Nano? Is it even an MP3 palyer? Well, no, no, yes are the answers. You’ve go to admit, you can see where the design inspiration came from.

All hail King Samsung

The distinguishing factors, though, are the larger screen – 1.8in compared to the measly 1.5 the iPod offers – a more solid feeling in hand, and no beloved click-wheel. Oh, and the small fact that the Samsung’s battery will last for about 35 hours, which is pretty good.

The iPod, in comparison, sounds closed in, less dynamic, and the midrange is quite lifeless. This Nano-beater sounds great no matter what music it’s presented with, and, best of all, it’s capable of playing videos.

At last, there is life beyond Apple and iTunes.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5