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Petzl E+Lite Head Torch review

A trusty torch should be top of your camping list – and you could do far worse than the E+Lite

Petzl’s E+Lite isn’t the brightest head torch on the market; you can’t use it for helping small planes to land, but if you only remember to take one light when you go camping, make sure it’s an E+Lite.

Lighting up

Small and versatile, it is a little bigger than a two-pound coin and as thick as a box of matches. On half of its face are four LED’s; three white and one red for preserving your night-vision.

The other half has a large swivel switch. There are two brightness settings for the white light and one for the red. Full beam white is surprisingly bright for such a small torch. Both white and red lights have flashing modes as emergency beacons.

Shine a light on

The torch is attached to a back-plate by a universal joint, so it can sit on a flat surface and shine in different directions.

It works, to a point. It’s not particularly stable in many positions and can fall over easily – the base plate should be bigger. There’s also a wire clip for attaching to thin objects, but again, it could have been designed better and is of limited use.

The thin elasticated strap for using the E+Lite as a head-torch is also simple, but this time less is more. Pulled tight with a toggle it stays secure and comfortable; you soon forget you are wearing it. If you’re hit by a monsoon the E+Lite also has a neat waterproof case that slips easily into a pocket.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5