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Pathos Logos review

If you’re tired of sleek, brushed aluminium finishes, consider going retro with this valvey number.

It only takes one look at the Logos to realise that aesthetics are a priority for Italian company Pathos. This amp is an object of beauty, but it’s also a listening tool, and thankfully the quest for style hasn’t spoilt usability.

If the design grabs the attention, the quality of build and finish withstands closer inspection. Take a close look at the casework, the central wooden insert surrounding the volume control on the front panel or even the remote handset, and we’d defy the most critical observer to find anything to complain about.


And the Logos isn’t quite the stripped-down device it may at first appear. A remote control, six line-level inputs – including two balanced – and a tape loop should be enough to cater for most high-end hi-fi set-ups. The 100-step volume adjustment is digitally controlled, using a ladder of resistors for signal purity, source switching uses devices originally designed for high-frequency telecoms applications and the power amplifier section is of a true dual-mono design, using what the company says are oversized transformers and power supplies.

So system matching isn’t a problem: the Logos outputs a healthy 110w a side into 8 ohms, which doubles as impedance halves, and works well with a wide range of speakers, including our reference trio of ATC SCM 12s, PMC IB2s and Wilson Benesch Discoveries.

Bass in your face

Bone-crunching dynamics? Play a suitable recording and that’s exactly what you get: spin 50 Cent’s In Da Club and there’s punch a-plenty – and the kind of timing only a few rivals can match, even if with some speakers the low bass may be a little rich for some people’s tastes.

The Pathos’s broad spread of abilities makes it a front-runner at the price. It’s not hard to find glamorous-looking hi-fi, but this amp proves that great sound and stunning looks are possible. The Logos, in fact, is a high-end bargain.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5