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O2 XDA Exec review

O2’s XDA exec will connect to anything and handles hefty files without breaking a sweat. It’s got the brawn, but does it have the brains?

Many of you will have spotted this as one of several re-branded versions of the HTC Universal. Why this one, and not T-Mobile, Orange or i-mate? The first reason is that the black O2 goes with our PSP and Splinter Cell outfit.

O2 is also doing some sensible deals – this £150 price starts with a £20/month, 75 minutes and 300 texts deal. Add £3/month for 2MB data access and you’re good to go.

It’ll handle just about anything you throw at it

Action is what the Exec loves. It’ll cheerfully connect to anything over Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth or infrared, and Internet Explorer ably displays image-heavy pages such as BBC News.

The XDA’s meaty 520MHz processor also handles hefty Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with a barely raised eyebrow. Power is nothing without finesse, however. The XDA is big: it dominates pockets and draws amused glances if you make a call with it held to the side of your face.

Large keyboard, small keysThe keys are too small for four-finger typing but, with practice, you can achieve decent speeds. The larger size of the XDA’s keyboard means that it gets dedicated number keys and application hotkeys.

A function button allows access to special characters and punctuation, though in a moment of crisis we couldn’t find the pound sign for the best part of 30 seconds.

But, apart from suffering from a touch of clumpiness and some navigational teething problems, it offers tip-top connectivity, sensible deals and a good sized keyboard to do your tap-tapping with ease.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5