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Nomad Masai II review

The Masai II is a huge expedition tent that's more like a canvas house in the country than just a place to kip

The first you’ll notice about Nomad’s Masai II is that you wouldn’t want to take it backpacking: it’s big and it’s heavy.

This is a tent that you use if you’re going by car – or if someone else is carrying your kit for you.

Big is beautiful

All this size has a purpose – this isn’t just somewhere to sleep, it’s a living room too. The Masai II is tunnel shaped, with a large bell at the front and stands nearly two meters high.

The rear third is the self-contained sleeping compartment with built-in groundsheet and large horseshoe-shaped door. Inside there’s enough space for a king-size mattress and still room left over. The front two thirds is very versatile; big enough for either a table and chairs or storing a lot of kit – plenty of room for comfortable living in bad weather.

There are three outer doors; one on the front and another two on each side. If the weather’s hot and you need even more space, all three doors can be opened up, stretched out and supported with poles to create a huge open air canopy. The living area can be left bare to the ground or a waterproof groundsheet zipped in.

Easy up, easy down

Despite its size, it is straight forward to erect, although far easier with two people than one. Push the poles through the sleeves then peg out the webbing loops and tighten the adjustable straps to take out creases.

Once the outershell is up, the inner sleeping tent is simply hung up with toggles.

In fact, it’s the perfect festival tent. You’ll never lose this in a crowd and if the weather’s really bad you can have your own party inside it. If your planning a professional expedition, though, you find the Masai II equally perfect as a base camp.

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