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Kodak Easyshare 5300 review

Kodak’s new all-in-one scans, copies and prints with the minimum of fuss – and a minimum of financial outlay

Surprisingly late to the photo-printing party, Kodak’s new unit marks itself out with cheap ink. The quoted cost is a mere 7p a sheet, and while you’ll probably clock in a few pence more on high-quality prints that’s still noticeably less than the competition.

Further savings come from the dual ink tanks. A separate black tank is used for simple text printing, leaving colour untouched until you need it – although that still leaves you open to blowing the all the blue on your beach shots, then having to bin the cartridge with other colours unused.

Prints to be proud of

Cheap ink doesn’t mean cheap-looking prints

The prints themselves are pretty high quality, with good text reproduction and photos that are better than you’d expect from an affordable all-in-one.

While it doesn’t hit the heights of a dedicated photo printer, results are borderless, colourful and detailed with no obvious glitches or graininess.