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Knomo Slim review

It’s a brutal world out there and your laptop needs protection. Luckily you can keep it scratch-free and add a touch of urban chic with Knomo’s latest satchel

We’ve long been fans of Crumpler’s huge range of laptop bags, but recently a new contender has caught our attention. As luxurious as a Chinese opium den and thinner than a racing snake, the Knomo Slim is the perfect sleeve for your laptop to snuggle into.

Travel in style

Available in a range of colours including red, black cinder and plum, this beautiful laptop bag will appeal to the fussiest of fashionistas. It looks good enough to carry anywhere, but is also small enough to fit comfortably in your travel bag.

Handcrafted from full hide leather and nylon, the Slim is tougher than it looks thanks to its quilted exterior. The unique zipper also means that, unlike other bags we’ve used, it won’t scratch your beloved notebook.   

Slim pickings

All sized laptops are welcome too. The 13in version weighs in at just under £50, but if that’s not quite big enough you can cough up a few extra shekels for either the 15in or 17in models, which again come in a range of colours.

Whatever size you opt for, the Slim gives your laptop the chance to travel first class, even if you’re stuck in the cramped confines of economy.


Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5