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Hi-Grade DMSII review

This slim machine's a diversion for laptop kings Hi-Grade, but the specs make it worth a look

While desktop and notebook PCs remain Hi-Grade’s staple diet, Media Center PCs haven’t escaped its attention.

Download heaven

The DMSII has been fitted out with a generous 250GB hard disk for all your ‘downloads’ (legal, of course), dual analogue TV tuners so you can watch and record simultaneously, and a dual layer DVD drive to take entirely unfair advantage of high-capacity recordable discs.

A limp wristed dandy

There’s the all important Intel Pentium 4 processor and a host of audio outputs to play around with.

Let’s face it, the Hi-Grade has all the aesthetic appeal of Jarvis Cocker in a tweed catsuit. Build quality isn’t great, including the rickety loading drawer. However, picture performance is better under scrutiny, apart from some on-screen noise and a touch of image instability. Sound quality is among the best of the bunch, as tunes are spat out with precision, punch and other words that begin with P.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5