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Full Tilt Bumble Bee Pro Ski Boot review

The Bumble Bee sees the rebirth of a classic ski boot that worked wonders back in the day and still performs peerlessly

Many ski boots feel like instruments of torture designed by a sadist with an anti-snowsports vendetta. Wear them a few hours and the pain in your shin will feel like you’ve been on the wrong end of a John Terry tackle.

It’s no surprise, then, that all but the most masochistic skiers have welcomed the return of the legendary Flexon Comp concept. Full Tilt has bought the original moulds, updated the design, added modern technology and made a new generation of high performance boots called Bumble Bee that take the pain out of skiing.

Three-piece comfort

The secret of these boots’ success is their three-piece construction: the ribbed tongue is independent of the cuff and shell. This means it flexes rather than distorts, not so much that it reduces control but enough to take the pressure away from your shins.

Although they allow forward flex, the Bumble Bee’s have one of the stiffest cuffs on the market so they are easy to roll, very responsive and great to carve.

Colour me bad

The only thing to slag off about these boots is the awful name that inspired the colour scheme. We have to ask, why is the ski world so misguided when it comes to aesthetics? The Bumble Bees might owe a lot to their classic ancestors, but a yellow and black colour scheme? You may want to buy a can spray paint with them.


Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5