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DivX Connected D-Link DSM-330 review

Forget about Apple TV’s closed shop – this open platform streamer will get video from your PC to TV no matter what the codec

It’s one thing having a stack of hi-def content on your hard-drive, but sending it to your flatscreen TV can be a tedious procedure. Or at least it was until this magical box of tricks arrived.

The DivX Connected is basically a welding together of DivX’s Connected platform and D-Link’s DSM-330 wireless network box. Which all sounds far from exciting – until you see how easy it makes sending free hi-def material to your telly.

Get yourself Connected

To get started you just download the Connected software, adding the box to your network – either wirelessly or via Ethernet – and then use an HDMI cable to plug it into the back of your television. It’s then just a matter of configuring the box via your TV screen using the supplied remote – just like a standard DVD player.

Getting access to your saved material is a breeze thanks to the user-friendly menu. Whether it’s standard-def or hi-def, image quality is also very impressive. We opted to do it all over Wi-Fi, and there was plenty of bandwidth there for good quality video streaming at 720p, which soon had us forgetting it was all coming from our computer.

There are downsides though. The biggest is that to access most of your content you’ll need to have your PC turned on. Not a big deal, you may think, but not quite the completely PC-free solution we dream of.

Just a Stage6 we’re going through

The box isn’t useless when your PC is having some downtime though, and it’s possible to access DivX’s Stage6 video website, which is little more than a poor relation to YouTube, but with some good quality video on offer.

Also, while there are a fair number of formats supported, this device is obviously designed to work with DivX primarily. But, rather cleverly we think, and in direct opposition to Apple’s rival Apple TV offering, this is an open platform, so you can expect more offerings as it grows in popularity. If there’s any justice, this is a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.


Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5