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Akai ADR-5800i review

The Akai ADR-5800i plays a wealth of formats, has an eight-hour LP and records either DVD -R/RW or +R/RW discs

A silver dream machine

If you’re after a cheap DVD recorder that’ll play your wealth of existing multi-format copied discs and won’t embarrass you in front of my mates, the Akai ADR-5800i is your man.

It will inevitably induce the gasp of ‘oooh, shiny!’ but once overcome, this initial reaction will be replaced by another kind of admiration: the smart-looking silver unit will play all your favourite formats – except pesky DVD-RAM – and does a pretty good job in terms of picture and recording.

It’s fiddley

It’ll record either DVD -R/RW or +R/RW discs and has a nicely rounded up eight-hour LP (the usual is six), and a iLink/Firewire camcorder input for direct recording and editing from DV camcorders.

It’s just a shame that, despite its best intentions, the Akai can be a fiddle to use.

Stuff Says…

Score: 3/5