While Reebok’s simpler and arguably more iconic creations are no doubt leaving footprints by a broken car window near you, it’s heartening to see the once British-owned brand reissuing a brace of its classic Pumps.

Pumped up

Early experiences of the Pump system, where the blow-up inner bladder would allegedly generate a custom fit, suggested that it was little more than a gimmicky performance placebo installed on the upper, but it still carries tactile appeal.

The visible Hexalite is welcome and the featherweight Graphlite cut-away on the outsole makes for an almost unnerving hole in the instep, but an extremely comfortable wear.

Fluorescent adolescent

The Pumps were pioneering in their balance of bombastically named sci-fi additions and an innovative approach to materials, which offered true running benefits beyond the usual smoke and mirrors that every trainer brand crowed about in block capitals. The addition of some bright neon colouring blended with black, while an acquired taste, is also an eye-catching throwback to a fluorescent-loving age.

Unlike its more cult-like brother, the Pump Fury, the Pump Graphlite has made concessions to conventional lacing that makes it infinitely more wearable. But we’re sure we remember the Pump being a bubble rather than the disc found on this version’s tongue.

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Reebok Pump Graphlite review

The tech and style may be old-school, but in the current market of retro re-runs the Pump Graphlite shines