The second game in the Reckless series, Getaway uses similar game physics to demolition derby style Reckless Racing, seeing your car fishtailing wildly across the screen, bouncing high on two wheels, but still managing to land again as you evade the cops and inflict as much collateral damage as possible.

While not be the most realistic of driving experiences, the looser style makes everything a bit more forgiving. Car control is simple, using left and right arrows on opposite sides of the screen to steer – there is no accelerator or brake (how reckless is that?). Tilt control is a usable option but will severely hamper your progress.

That progress is surprisingly tricky as each new set of four levels requires a minimum amount of stars to unlock them. Winning these stars (up to four per level) depends upon collecting coins and scoring points in each level. Flipping police cars, tearing up fences, running other cars off the road and performing daredevil jumps all add to your tally. But be warned, you aren't invincible – if you wreck your car (smashing head-on into a tanker was our favourite) you lose a precious star from your possible four. You'll also lose points every time you drive your car off the route – all too easy to do.

Those stars are precious – and hard won – as you really must notch up a flawless performance to get all four in a level. This makes it near impossible to get more than two stars in your first attempt as you have to know where all the sneaky detours, jumps and hidden coins are beforehand.

There's no back story as such – you're getaway driver, so strap in and drive it like you stole it.

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Reckless Getaway review

Slick car-smashing action, but requires real persistence to progress