When Steve Jobs wanted a cloud music service, he spent £10m on start-up Lala, got hundreds of software geeks on the job and negotiated with the world’s biggest record labels. When Belgian producers Soulwax – the talent behind 2many DJs – wanted their cloud music app, they got their mates together and just built it.

The result is RadioSoulwax, a collection of brilliant hour-long mixes to stream or download for free.

Each mix is themed – they’ve started with cover versions, intergalactic insanity, bad rap and intros – and home to an ear-melting mash-up of rare vinyl, hot grooves and electronic beats. Accompanying each mix are hypnotic visuals based on the record sleeves of the songs they so charmingly murder. One new mix will be released each week until you’ve got a full 24 hours of musical mayhem.

There are a few drawbacks: there’s no AirPlay link-up yet; the mixes reset to the start if you go back to the menu page; and there’s no background playing if you want to listen to the audio while doing something else on your iPad.

But we’ve already got the excellent TuneIn Radio Pro (59p) for vanilla radio listening – there’s simply nothing like RadioSoulwax on the airwaves, digital or analogue.

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RadioSoulwax review

A unique musical offering with mixes you can stream or download for free