They may have started out as frenetic enemies of Rayman, but these days those crazy Rabbids are stars in their own right. Now they are back in this 3DS platform game, where they travel through time with the aid of a souped-up washing machine.

Set across four historical time zones, the goal is to help a Rabbid hop, jump and bash its way back to the future. It's traditional and time-honoured 2D fare, packed with nods to Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. Stuff that's been done hundreds, nay thousands, of times before.

Derivative as it is, Rabbids 3D's levels are well crafted – providing a constant supply of new features and hidden areas. It's also ratchets up the difficulty at a very gentle pace. Even at its most tricky, the game's generosity with extra lives and health points mean it's never going to frustrate for long.

But while the basics are all there, the levels never shine. The very best moments in Mario and Sonic games imprint themselves on your memory, but there's nothing here that's truly memorable.

The same is true of the visuals and audio. There are some nice 3D touches and the music is good, but neither stick in your mind.

Where it really disappoints is in its failure to tap into the anarchic appeal of the Rabbids themselves. The wild-eyed, slapstick energy seen in Rabbids Go Home is noticeable only by its absence. The distant viewpoint necessary for a small-screen platform game doesn't help, but the hyperkinetic buzz you'd expect from a Rabbids title is missing throughout.

Stripped of the core appeal of its characters, Rabbids 3D ends up a decent but pedestrian old-school platform game. Pleasant, but never impressive.

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Rabbids 3D review

Well crafted 3D levels don't make up for the forgettable platform-based gameplay