If Scrabble and Risk had a videogame love child, Quarrel would be that child.

Now we’d be the first to admit that combo is more likely to make people run to

the hills than rush to the App Store, but bear with us because Quarrel isn’t as bad

as you might fear. In fact it’s very good.

The goal is to conquer maps using an army of cute and bouncy soldiers. As in

Risk this is done by mounting attacks on enemy squares and building up forces

to protect the territory that is already part of your primary colour empire.

But instead of the outcome of each battle being dictated by boring rolls of dice,

you must outwit the enemy by coming up with a higher-scoring word from a

jumble of letters. Like Scrabble it’s not the length of the word that matters but

the letters you use, so using an X gives you more points than an S.

To up the anagram challenge, you can only use one letter per soldier and if you

and your opponent’s scores match the player who came up with their word

fastest wins. Quarrel’s finely tuned rules and skill-based battles also mean that

even if you are down to your last square there’s always scope for a comeback

with the aid of some nifty word play.

Only the lack of a multiplayer mode disappoints, although at least you don’t have

to wait for the computer players to finish the game if you get knocked out of the

race. But there’s always your Word IQ score to improve and the daily challenges

to keep you hooked plus an in-built dictionary that defines the winning words of

each battle and might well teach you a few new words along the way.

Yikes! Quarrel might just have made spelling fun.

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Quarrel Deluxe review

The gaming lovechild of Scrabble and Risk, it's enough to make spelling fun