It’s testament to Apple’s influence that even a traditional hi-fi staple such as the micro hi-fi system now feels inclined to prostrate itself at the altar of Jobs and include the offering of iPod support.

The Pure Sirocco takes the business of portable compatibility to the next level, being as it is not just ‘Made for iPod’ but the world’s first DAB micro system to boast ‘Works with iPhone’ certification.

Interference free

This badge of honour means it’s certified ‘to meet Apple performance standards’ and means you won’t have to put your iPhone in to airplane mode, which stops your phone from being able to make or receive calls, in order to stop that annoying morse code noise.

This is all great in practice, and the remote does the job, but the iPhone’s unique iPod menu layout does see the Pure remote getting a little stranded at times.

And while we’re on the subject of the remote – we certainly weren’t impressed with ours. Some of the buttons were wonky and the overall feel of the unit was far from inspiring. But cutting it some slack with the price of the unit in mind, we’re more bothered by its erratic response to commands.

Feature heavy

The Pure Sirocco 150 certainly packs in the features. There are DAB and FM tuners alongside the CD player and iPod dock, while USB and SD card inputs and a front-mounted 3.5mm input complete an extensive sweep of possible sources.

We don’t expect the world sonically from something of this price but we’re still disappointed by the results. With CDs, the sound is lightweight and insubstantial, while a lossless file via the dock and an iPod Touch is similarly lacklustre.

Sound lacks bite

Flick the treble mode on and it tends to sound flat or, with ‘bass mode’ on, more powerful but woolly in the bottom end.

If you want something fairly cheap and cheerful, then this Pure will do a job, but we’d be tempted to save up and go for something classier like the Denon D-M37, which can now be found for under £300 online.


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Pure Digital Sirocco 150 review

Majors on functions but falters on sound quality, even for a budget micro