Now this is what we call a portable radio. One of the newest additions to the Pure range, the One Mini is a real fisherman’s friend of a wireless.

The radio's compact dimensions make it ideal for taking out and about, though you’ll need to fork out £25 for the Chargepak to get your 20 hours of battery life.

A smart gloss finish, available in black, white or pink, completes a fairly easy-on-the-eye package.

Get connected

Despite the diminutive design, Pure squeezes in both DAB and FM tuners, plus a line input for connecting an MP3 player, a headphone output and a USB connection for firmware upgrades.

Something the size of the One Mini does impact on, though, is the number of speakers – there's only one of them. Still, we don't think a mono rather than stereo design makes too much difference in a machine of this size.

Solid build

As we would expect from a company that's been making radios as long as Pure has, the One Mini is easy to use, thanks in part to solid, responsive buttons.

Pure prides itself on having some of the strongest tuners around, which means you shouldn’t struggle to pick up the full gamut of DAB and FM stations – we certainly didn’t. ??Sonically it’s impressive, too, sounding clear, natural and well organised. Even when listening to more complex, layered tracks, the Pure One Mini keeps its composure.

Sound value

Admittedly, there is a lack of bottom-end weight, though this isn’t the biggest surprise considering the size – if you demand a sackful of bass we'd suggest you need something a tad more substantial.

All told, this is an excellent little radio. Compact dimensions and the ability to boost battery power ensure maximum portability, and the sound is top-notch.


Stuff says... 

Pure Digital One Mini review

A smart little radio with a sound that belies its price. Shame you have to pay extra for the battery pack, though