While most digital radios seem happy to sit in the kitchen, the Pure Oasis is banging the door desperate to get outside. A building site, back garden, park or beach is what this hard case is designed for.

Once playing in the fresh air, a rechargeable battery with around 15 hours run-time means there’s no need to keep it on a lead either. The brick-like build quality might make it rugged, but together with the ChargePAK batteries it also means it a little hefty.

Hard chin

Carrying it into the garden, the Oasis ‘accidentally’ slipped from our grasp. It hit a tiled floor from a height of about 50 cm and just bounced a couple of times. The case was a little scratched, but 6 Music kept blaring out tunes faultlessly without the briefest break in reception.

The Oasis probably wouldn’t survive a fall from a first floor windowsill onto concrete, but its build quality is pretty and serious. A cast aluminium framework, durable plastic and rubber bumpers not only look clean and stylish but also justify its hard nut status.

Wet and dry

Once in the garden it again suffered from our clumsiness. This time it got sprayed with a particularly violent hose but, again, not even a gurgle of disquiet from the Oasis.

The tuning and volume dials, four preset buttons and power switch are all covered in rubber and sealed. Bendy rubber bungs mean the various in/out ports are also weather protected.

Big voice

A neatly drilled dome in the casing protects the 4in drive unit and weatherproof speaker from impact. Although it is only mono, the sound it produces is excellent, with a good deep range and volume that pumps without distorting.

And if there’s nothing on the radio you want to listen to, just plug in an MP3 player via a ‘mini-jack’ aux connection and the Oasis becomes a portable, self-powered speaker.


Stuff says... 

Pure Digital Oasis review

Tough and weatherproof, and the sound quality is equally robust