At first glance, Pure’s Evoke Mio DAB radio looks like little more than a design-driven opportunity to make a few quid, because underneath its glossy exterior it’s basically just a Pure Evoke-1S – which is £50 cheaper.

Then there’s the added issue that at £150, the Mio costs the same as the internet-friendly Evoke Flow, a significantly more flexible radio than its Pure stablemate.

24-hour party radio

But wait just a second. First, the economics aren’t quite so straightforward. The Mio includes Pure’s ChargePAK battery pack as part of its purchase price, making it a proper portable radio able to run for up to 24 hours without mains power.

True, this removable power pack can be added to other Pure radios, such as the Flow and Evoke-1S, but in those products it’s a £30 optional extra.

So if it’s true portability you’re after, it’d be fairer to say that the Mio costs £20 more than an Evoke-1S (including the cost of an optional battery fitted to that unit).

Worth the premium

And is it worth that extra £20? Well, we’re aware style is very much a matter of opinion, but we’d have to say yes. To us, the Mio’s two-tone leather and suede effect finish looks and feels way classier than the cherry wood on the regular Evoke-1S.

We like having five different colours to choose from too, even if we’re not entirely sure we’d give the Candy-coloured model house-room.

Punchy sound

In use, sound quality is very good – as we’ve come to expect from Pure radios over the years. It’s a clean, punchy listen, with impressive detail and an open, spacious midrange.

It’s especially effective with spoken-word broadcasting, and if the mono-only design doesn’t necessarily deliver crashing dynamics, well, what did you expect?

Add in useful features like an alarm, a line-input for an iPod dock (Pure’s own i-10 comes to mind) plus Intellitext and textScan features for browsing and pausing scrolling text on the display, and you’ve an effective, attractive radio with bags of appeal. It faces stiff competition from its siblings, but there’s more to it than just style.


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Pure Digital Evoke Mio review

The king of portable DABs thanks to that battery life, but if you want a home radio go for the Evoke Flow