While early adopters wax lyrical about eclectic stations like the Illinois Street Lounge and Radio Paradise, it's fair to say that internet radio has yet to hit the mainstream. A dearth of truly great internet radios hasn't helped, but Pure's hoping to bring some glamour to the market with its shiny new Evoke Flow.    

Glossy coat

Straight out of the box, things look promising. Pure has really gone to town on styling and the gloss black chassis is extremely attractive. It's punctuated by a bright, backlit OLED display that is easy to read and is hooked up to a light sensor that dims the display according to your lighting conditions.

Below the display sit four touch-sensitive buttons that respond well to a tap from your finger, volume and function dials and a touch-sensitive standby button in the corner.

On the back of the radio you'll find an auxiliary input, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an output for connecting a second Pure speaker to create stereo radio.

Taking the chore out of tuning in

With some internet radios, sorting through the thousands of stations on offer can be a massive chore. It can also be a disappointing one when you finally tune into a channel only to be disappointed by its extremely low-quality bitrate.

To help weed out the poorer stations, Pure has refined its search function, making it arguably the most comprehensive on the market.

Not only can you search by genre, language and location, you can also sort stations by their bitrate. They're rated on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest quality. It makes life far less frustrating.

Lounge living

You can save eight internet stations as favourites on the radio and when you register the radio with Pure's own online portal, The PURE Lounge, this gives even greater flexibility.

Once you're registered with the PURE Lounge, the website is permanently linked to your radio, so when you manage your favourites on one, they automatically change on the other. The site also has a search engine, so you can track down more stations and save them as favourites, and Pure has told us that you may even be able to download songs in the near future.

A great reception

Pure prides itself on reception and sound quality and the Flow doesn't disappoint, even managing to track down some DAB stations from within the confines of our ground floor listening rooms - a rare feat.

Music delivery is insightful and revealing. Switching between rock, trance and classical stations, all is kept in check with a finely balanced sound. Bass-heads might pine for a touch more weight, but we'd hardly level this as a criticism at this money.

If you've been put off by the thought of Internet radio in the past, the Evoke Flow with its user-friendly design, clever search mechanism and excellent sound quality could well change your mind.


Stuff says... 

Pure Digital Evoke Flow review

A classy internet radio that's packed with features and is a delight to listen to