Somehow, calling Pure’s Avanti Flow a ‘radio’ doesn’t really do it justice. Pure itself likes to refer to it as a ‘connected table-top digital audio system’, which is a little more accurate, if a sight more ponderous.

The key point is this: this modestly priced newcomer is one of the most flexible music systems out there at any price. In fact, the Avanti Flow offers so many listening choices that at first it might seem a little intimidating to the uninitiated.

Jack of all trades

As a standalone device it’s a substantial DAB and FM radio featuring an integrated iPod dock (compatible with your iPhone, although only in Airplane mode) plus a 3.5mm input so any alternative portable audio player can be connected.

The Flow provides a room-filling sound, too, thanks to its hefty 75W of Class D digital power amplification. This provides ample motive force to power two chunky 7.6cm full-range speakers, which are bolstered by a downward-firing 13cm subwoofer to deliver a crisp and spacious presentation from the DAB and FM tuners.

The iPod dock section also works well. It’s detailed enough to make the sonic differences between low and high-bitrate AAC files easy to hear, and musters considerable musicality, even if the sound doesn’t have the stereo width or outright dynamic slam of some same-priced micro hi-fi systems.

Wireless wonder  

But you won’t buy an Avanti Flow just to listen to your iPod. Its party piece is built-in Wi-Fi; assuming you’ve got a wireless network at home, that means the Pure can access podcasts, internet radio content and digital music streamed from your PC or Mac.

A broad range of formats are supported, including AAC, MP3, WAV and WMA, with the relevant software you’ll need to make the system work seamlessly being available free once you’ve registered your Avanti Flow purchase on Pure’s Lounge website.

The Lounge can also help you navigate your way through to some internet radio stations you might actually want to listen to, which you can then save as a listening profile for future use.

In short, if you want the most connected, versatile alarm clock for your bedside table and a powerful second music system, this is it.


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Pure Digital Avanti Flow review

A radio for the 21st Century. So clever and capable it makes some pricier DAB-only devices look redundant