Necessary and  informative they may be, but RSS readers aren't traditionally the sexiest apps on the block. Step forward Pulse, the slick new skipper of the HMS News Feed.

What sets Pulse apart is that it displays the news as an eye-pleasing graphical interface which has touchscreen swiping at its very core. Simply select up to 60 feeds you want and Pulse will serve them up as scrollable horizontal news bars across five customisable pages. This means you can breeze through a selected feed's news while never having to leave the main dashboard.

Sheer usability joy aside, there are also some handy info-delivering features, including pre-selected "packs" such as entertainment or technology that you can load up instantly, plus an offline mode that means you can still keep your head populated with fact even while underground or out of range.

One of our favourite features is the ability to add your Facebook feed as a news account, so you can see your mates' updates in a newsflash style, while sharing any favourite stories to Facey-B and beyond is as easy as it should be, as is saving any articles to Instapaper to read at your leisure later.

Dedicated newshounds may find that 60 feeds isn't enough to satiate them, but for everyone else, Pulse is quite simply the sexiest way to read the news – and it looks stunning on a tablet.

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Pulse News review

Transforms dull old news feeds into a glorious mosaic of news and social media