The Intel Gen.6 Core… Meet the only computer you’ll ever need

We explain how a slim and light Gen.6 Core-powered laptop or all-in-one can take on any task you throw at it, from acting as an all-day workhorse to playing movies and games in 4K resolution

We imagine that it takes quite a lot to impress you these days.

As you read this, you've probably got a phone in your pocket that's slimmer, faster, and more powerful than any piece of tech that NASA used in the Apollo missions. You can strap on a headset and enter other worlds, save all your data, music and videos to a magical cloud, and even chat with your extended family down under in crystal clear HD, all without batting an eyelid.

So when we say that we're going to have a little chat about mobile processors, you might feel a little underwhelmed at first. But hold back that yawn. The chips in question are Intel's latest addition to its silicon family - the sixth generation of its Core processors. And they're rather special.

Thanks, mysterious little transistors… we owe you one

Power for days

As you'd expect with any new slice of tech, Intel's latest processors are more powerful than ever, but we're not talking about a marginal gain here. Compared to your five year-old PC, the new Gen.6 processors are more than twice as powerful, offering a whopping two and a half times more processing grunt.

That impressive figure is all thanks to Intel's newer 14nm Skylake architecture. Without diving into the details (we don't like being bombarded with intricate numbers and percentages any more than you do), Intel has managed to eek out this extra power by squeezing in more transistors than ever before, and into an even smaller area.

A tablet or a 2-in-1 (let's face it, the line between tablets and PCs is blurring more every week) with one of the new Gen.6 chips will shrug off emails, web browsing, word processing, spreadsheet tinkering and more, like water off a hydrophobic mallard's back.

You can flutter between all of those uses at the same time too without any crawling delays. This is true, uncompromising multitasking at its finest and it's no longer limited to bulky powerful desktops. Thanks, mysterious little transistors! We owe you one.

Game on

All work and no play makes for a very dull, lifeless existence. Sadly your existing trusty but ageing laptop probably shudders at the mere thought of running any games at a resolution and graphics beyond that of a pool of pixels.

Gaming laptops have existed for years, of course, but thanks to their separate dedicated graphics cards, you need a small crane to cart them around.

Intel's new Gen.6 processors tackle this head on with integrated graphics power (built directly into the processor itself) that serves up thirty times more graphical power than before. And no, that's not a typo.

While you obviously won't get the same results as a dedicated and bulky gaming rig, you'll still be enjoying great-looking, smooth-running games in a laptop that's thin and light enough for a cat to cart around. If it could be bothered.

Enthusiasts can also over-clock Intel's mobile processors, for the first time. In the same way that you'd tune a car's engine to squeeze out more horsepower, increasing the clock speed of Intel's new processor when gaming can help to achieve an even smoother experience.

Oh, and there's another bonus too. Dedicated graphics cards suck up battery life like a thirsty elephant with cotton mouth, but Intel's integrated HD 500 graphics politely sip away at your power reserves without making you reach for the charging cable after the first few alien-blasting missions.

In fact, you can expect around ten hours of battery life before scrambling for the plug, which is three times the single-charge lifespan if a five-year-old laptop.

Hear that? That's the sound of your old laptop weeping…...

4K delights

The new Gen.6 processors can handle 4K video playback without a hiccup too. Full 4K resolution at 30fps is handled with complete ease, and you can even ditch the cables completely by playing videos back on a 4K screen wirelessly, with Intel’s built-in WiDi feature.

The HD 500 graphics are powerful enough to render six simultaneous 4K GoPro video feeds into one 360 degree video too, so your smartphone footage shot in 4K will be handled with ease.

And again - you won’t have to worry about the battery taking a hammering either. Four 4K/30fps videos can be played at the same time, without pushing the processor over a 20% load.

Hear that? That's the sound of your old laptop weeping…

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