It's 11PM and Metallica have just exited the stage. The euphoria is already seeping out of your system and you've started to realise you have to go back to work tomorrow.

But it's not Monday yet. There's an evening ahead and fun to be had, especially if you have an iPod and a pair of speakers – like these K3000STs – back at the tent.

Built for portability

The K3000ST is presented in a tough translucent plastic box with separate compartments containing a pair of AA batteries and a couple of cables. One is a USB power adapter, the other a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable for connection of any player that won't fit on the K3000ST’s iPod dock (it’ll work with any dock connector iPod).

The speaker itself is remarkably well built. An aluminium grille and back sandwich a rubberised plastic middle with four teeny rubber feet and a pair of volume buttons. And it all feels high quality, with the exception of the electronics enthusiast shop-style on-off switch.

Feel the synergy

Power comes courtesy of two AA batteries which will keep it going for a couple of full iPod charges, though it’ll also accept power from the included USB adapter or bundled universal travel charger. With the latter options it'll charge any docked iPod at the same time.

The coolest thing about the K3000ST is that it will work with one of Powertraveller's own Powermonkeys and – even better – its Solar Slave solar panel. With one attached it becomes a solar-powered speaker, and as it’ll charge your iPod simultaneously, it effectively provides free music forever. Cool.

The trouble with treble

Dock an iPod, press the play button (be careful not to knock the K3000ST over – it’s only little and not all that stable) and you’ll be surprised. Not only does it go loud, it does so in an articulate, undistorted fashion.

The lack of bass is a bit of an issue but hardly a surprise – this is, after all, a tiny speaker. The trebley mix is more suited to acoustic music than banging hip-hop, so the K3000ST is probably better for sunrise-watching than it is an impromptu rave.

But while there may be better-sounding speakers available for £65, there are no others that combine so many talents in such an eminently portable package. Whether it’s for the tent or hotel room, it’s hard to think of a better speaker.


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Powertraveller Soundtraveller K3000ST review

The perfect portable summer speaker. If there's any way of squeezing more sound out of such a small box, we're yet to see it