The Polaroid camera and its self-developing photos have already cemented their place in the gadget folklore. But having been left for dead by the noughties, it’s returned in digital form as the Polaroid Pogo Two.

A mash-up of Polaroid’s Pogo printer and a digital camera, the Two houses the close-to-witchcraft Zink technology so you print a digital snap in under 40 seconds. That’s virtually instant humiliation at a fancy dress party.

Heavy duty

This all explains why the Pogo Two is so, well, fat. With a chassis that’s almost 4cm thick, you’ll struggle to slip it into your manbag, let along a pocket.

The spec is also only just about acceptable. The sensor is 5MP – which, to be fair, is ample considering the paper is the size of a business card – and it’s a fixed lens job, meaning there’s only a paltry 5x optical zoom.

Options, options

Still, you do at least get some manual options, including the ability to adjust the ISO up to 400, white balance and shutter speed. Your pics are also displayed on a large 3in screen.

There's the option to shoot and print in mono and sepia tints, as well as a rainbow of colour filters, and you can choose from an impressive 16 pre-programmed shoot modes, including landscape, sports, ‘splash water’, and, inexplicably ‘portrait man’ and ‘portrait woman’.

All of which help to explain the £230 price tag. If this was any ordinary camera with this feature set we'd be loading our Nerf guns right now. But did we mention that it instantly prints out little stickers of your images?


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Polaroid Two review

An expensive nostalgia trip, but the perfect camera for the impatient