These days, we want instant everything – instant coffee, instant messages and, of course, instant karma. Now, thanks to PoGo’s tiny portable printer, we can add photos to that list.

In fact, the PoGo doesn’t even need ink cartridges, toner, ribbon or any of the normal gubbins that make printers score highly on the gadget annoyance scale.

Zero Ink

Using Polaroid’s Zink technology, the PoGo heats up the special thermal paper to develop each colour, meaning you never have to splash out on ink cartridges.

The printer connects using Bluetooth or USB to phones or cameras and chucks out a 2x3in print in under 60 seconds running on a rechargeable battery.

They’re dry to the touch as soon as they’re spat out of the little box, and you can then peel off the backing and use them as stickers. You could stick ‘em to your diary, assemble an album or even start your own personal Panini sticker book.  

Little Wonder

At £100, the Pogo is cheaper than many other portable printers out there and beats them on size hands down – it’s little bigger than a first gen iPod.

The print quality isn’t the sharpest we’ve seen, but for pure convenience and, dare we say it, fun, it’s great value. Even the paper, at around 30p a sheet, is a lot cheaper than traditional instant film.

In recent years, Polaroid has busied itself with run-of-the-mill TVs and ubiquitous digital photo frames, but the PoGo could see some of the cool status inspired by its iconic instant camera seep back into the brand. How good is the Pogo? Well, we just described a printer as ‘fun’.


Stuff says... 

Polaroid PoGo review

Pro photographers won’t use it, but for quick convenient prints the PoGo is hard to fault