Looking like a miniature sub, this slender capsule fits like a glove and is breathtakingly elegant.

It comes with fiendish-looking accessories that enable you to use a multitude of phone chargers – including a nifty little AAA pocket charger that will give you up to 15 hours talk time  – all encased in a brushed metal tin which politely vibrates whenever you get an incoming call.

The 640 also comes with a noise cancelling microphone, 10-metre range, last number redial and voice-activated dialling.

Light and comfortable, this is definitely a Stuff hot buy: it weighs only 9g and the discreet in-ear design comes in three different sizes, to be worn on either the right or left ear. Parfait.

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Plantronics Discovery 640 review

The Plantronics Discovery 640 is the Mini Maglite of Bluetooth headsets – a real class act