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01 December 2012 / 0:00GMT

Pioneer BDP-450 review

Pioneer's BDP-450 is here to tempt you to step-up from budget Blu-ray - and tempt you it will
09 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Pioneer PDP-428XD review

Pioneer’s extraordinary new Kuro range of plasmas is nothing short of a revolution in TV picture quality and this 42in...
08 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Pioneer PDP-LX508D review

Team Pioneer’s awesome Kuro technology with a Full HD resolution and what do you get? The best TV in the...
08 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Pioneer PDP-508XD review

Pioneer’s ‘mid-price’ 50in plasma is more expensive than many same-sized rivals – but far better, too
06 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Pioneer BDP-LX70A review

While other hi-def players are tumbling prices tumble, this Pioneer Blu-ray spinner weighs in at a hefty grand. Can it...
05 November 2007 / 6:00GMT

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 review

It’s the CD deck favoured by the world’s best DJs, but can the CDJ-1000MK3 really out perform its gadget-laden rivals?