Someone better get Jamie Oliver on the phone: Chillingo’s latest iOS game is anything but on message when it comes to child obesity.

Kids love sugary treats and Birthday Boy, the star of this game, is no exception. So to make his birthday go with a literal bang, it’s your job to smash flying pinatas with your finger until he drowns under a shower of lollipops, chocolate and lurid pink sweeties. Pop enough pinatas and the once rake-thin Birthday Boy will inflate to the size of South Park’s Cartman before exploding.

Alas, shoving sweets down Birthday Boy’s throat isn’t easy. There’s an army of sweet-devouring monkeys, squids and UFOs to stomp on and a smattering of wholesome pinatas that dispense fruit and veg (yuck!).

But like Birthday Boy himself, Pinata Smash’s lust for more is also its downfall. To try and wring life out of its basic formula, the game pumps in new object and new object until the screen becomes a blur of sugar that avoids collapsing into chaos by a whisker. It’s like a hurricane hit the Quality Street factory.

For those with lightning reflexes and eagle eyes Pinata Smash might prove a worthy but short challenge, but for most it’s a game that maxes everything out until progression feels more about luck than skill.

But if you’ve always secretly dreamed of being the waiter who fostered that last ‘wafer-thin’ mint on Mr Creosote in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, there are a few sadistic minutes of kid-popping pleasure to be had.

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Pinata Smash review

Pinata Smash's sugar rush tastes good, but soon turns sickly