Philips HTS5563 review – intro 

Size isn't everything, or so we've been told, and that's definitely true of Philips' dinky HTS5563. It's a compact system which should fit nicely in a compact room and which – vital, this – won't annoy your non-home-cinema-loving other half. And while it may not tick every box in terms of specs, it's great value given its price. 

Philips HTS5563 review – design 

Although small, the front and rear speakers of the HTS5563 are well built and subtly stylish. There's also a neat curved finish to the main unit and remote control. And the sub... is a sub. Bear in mind though that the speakers are particularly light, so slap a little blu-tac underneath to prevent them from getting knocked over and give them a solid base. 

Philips HTS5563 review – features 

Features-wise, there are a few gaps: the Net TV offering has BBC iPlayer but not a single big-hitting film service, while the connection for an iPod dock is present but the dock itself is an optional extra. It even lacks built-in Bluetooth for wireless streaming. 

Although missing a few features, the HTS5563 still packs in a 3D Blu-ray player, twin HDMI inputs, a digital optical connection, SD card and USB slots. 

Philips HTS5563 review – picture and sound quality

Sit back and enjoy a film, however, and the HTS5563 does the business. Colours are natural, there's good detail and only the fastest motion introduces any blur. The matching satellites spell superb cohesion and provided your room isn't too big, you'll get an immersive surround experience. 

Philips HTS5563 review – remote 

The remote looks decent enough, but the buttons feel cheap and clunky; the touch-sensitive controls on the main unit are far more reassuring. 

Philips HTS5563 review – smart TV 

This HTS5563 system doesn't have Philips' full Net TV offering, so you won't get Acetrax Movies as on its latest TVs. YouTube, iPlayer and TuneIn Radio are about all you'll find on it. 

Philips HTS5563 review – verdict 

Others may be smarter, but if you're after a simple system that does the job well, the HTS5563 is a good choice. 

Stuff says... 

Philips HTS5563 review

Ideal if space (and cash) are at a premium, the compact Philips won't let you down