Any barista will tell you that scorching your beans is a sure way to ruin a cup of gourmet coffee. Likewise, a fine green tea is best brewed at 80 degrees, so why do kettles always boil?

Philips is the first manufacturer to properly address this rather obvious point, by letting you choose what temperature to heat your water to. It’ll save you a considerable amount of electricity in the long run too.

Hubble bubble

In fact, there’s lots to love about this cordless kettle besides the unique temperature set button that lets you choose between 40 and 100 degrees. Next to that there’s a ‘keep warm’ button that maintains your chosen temperature, while you juggle cups and teabags.

The clear plastic window looks right though to the other side, a nice design flourish for sure, but it also lets you see exactly how much water is in there and stops you from overfilling – another common cause of wasted energy.

The most striking thing about this latest kettle is its resemblance to the brand’s entertainment products. No, it doesn’t have an HDMI socket, but it’s the same glossy black finish and red trim as the DVD range and this is the first time a soft touch power button, rather than a flip switch, has been seen on a kettle. It could be the missing link between what the trade calls ‘white’ and ‘brown’ goods.

So solid brew

It may well be 90 per cent plastic, but the jug design still feels substantial and the stainless steel trim at the top and bottom lend it a touch of class, while the lid twist-fits on and off in a way that cannot fail over time. It’s only the base that feels a little flimsier in construction when it’s not joined with the kettle.

It’s taken Europe’s largest electronics firm to bring the humble kettle up to date by adding a temperature setting and making it match all of the glossy black gadgets in the living room. Suddenly, needless boiling water for your cuppa seems like an amusingly archaic concept.

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