Philips is making great TVs right now, but only so-so Blu-ray players thus far.

First sighting of the BDP7500, however, gives hope that Philips has found its Blu-ray mojo. It's wrapped in a brushed aluminium, smooth-edged chassis that gives it class. It's gorgeous, in fact.

Sexy and sensitive

The sophisticated styling is complimented by a glossy, mirror-finish fascia, complete with touch-sensitive controls. There’s a USB input on the front, which blends in nicely with the rest of the panel.

The on-screen menus are a little over-the-top in terms of graphic size, but the sub menus are clear and there’s a satisfying click from the D-pad on the remote handset.

As for specification, it’s good for the money: 1GB of internal memory and a set of 7.1 multichannel outputs. The unit can handle WMV, DivX Ultra, and Xvid files, but the lack of DLNA certification means you can’t stream content from DLNA-friendly products.

Rich and vivid colours

Up and running, colours appear rich and vivid. Motion's good, but some rivals handle it better.

The picture's mostly noise-free and skin tones look realistic but, once again, some competitors have the edge when it comes to fine detail and overall sharpness.

Audio performance? Movie soundtracks are full-bodied, with good bass extension where explosions are concerned, but with music the Philips can’t quite match the very best for timing and clarity.

The BDP7500 is unquestionably one of Philips’ better recent Blu-ray players.  Its problem is the competition is one step ahead.

Stuff says... 

Philips BDP7500 review

A solid BD spinner and a real looker, but some rivals perform better