Choosing the perfect TV doesn’t just come down to specs and performance – you need to time your purchase right, too. Philips’ 47PFL9664 is a perfect example – it’s come down £200 of late, making it well worth the outlay.

Right from the off it looks and feels like a superior product, from its bright on-screen menus and chunky remote control to the quality of plastics used.

Spectacular spec

The spec is enticing, too: five HDMI inputs, Wi-Fi connectivity and Philips’ effective Ambilight system – here in two vertical planes – suggest the 47PFL9664 will be a good long-term investment.

Of course, 1080p/24fps content is this screen’s bread and butter, and here the Philips scores heavily – once you’ve put the effort into getting it set up properly, that is: no brief task.

Lavish detail levels in all but the darkest scenes, grippy motion tracking courtesy of the excellent 200Hz processing and a prodigious sense of distance between fore- and background are among the many highlights.

Disappointing DVD scaling

Unfortunately, scaling DVD pictures is not quite as successful. The Philips looks a bit soft, and we’d suggest your source player is the place to do that particular job.

The 47PFL9664 isn’t anything like as vague when it comes to Freeview broadcasts, which speaks eloquently of the TV tuner’s efficiency. Add in sound that’s weightier than most, and well focused, and you’ve a profoundly impressive TV.


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Philips 47PFL9664 review

Definitely one for your shortlist, this enticing flatscreen is almost flawless