Designing iconic TV sets has proven to be beyond most tech companies, but not Philips. Its Ambilight range perfectly mixes style and performance and the 32PFL7762, while lacking the wall-splashing light show, is its slimmest and arguably best-looking LCD yet.

As is also becoming standard for Philips, it's jam-packed with features. There's a swivel-stand – handy, as off-axis performance isn't great – and the welcome combination of a rear-mounted subwoofer and stereo speakers under the screen.

A good engine

The omens are good when we look under the bonnet too. The 32PFL7762 can't display 1080p – no disaster on a screen this size – but its familiar Pixel Plus 2HD engine (assisted by Digital Natural Motion) will happily downsize a full HD picture to 720p. That signal can come over one of three HDMI ports – so no more juggling cables between your high-def DVD player, HD set-top box and games console.

Unfortunately, picture quality from disc is a slight let-down. Black levels are excellent, although it can't quite squeeze enough detail out of the darkest shades. But it's overall insight that really disappoints: it just can't get as much information out of close-ups or panoramas.

The colour balance is accurate and realistic, although skin tones can appear ruddy. That Digital Natural Motion is an acquired taste too.

Excellent off-air performer

It's far harder to take issue with the 32PFL7762's TV performance, which is bright, vivid and sharp. Sound is excellent too, with film soundtracks delivered in a detailed, forthright and organised way.  

So if style, sound and off-air capability are paramount, investigate this Philips set. But if it's complete all-rounder you're after, Sony' s KDL-32P3020 and Panasonic's TX-32LMD70 are better bets.  


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Philips 32PFL7762 review

It looks and sounds great – but picture performance isn't quite up there with the best