The TX-L37G15 is the only LCD in Panasonic’s premium G15 range – its 42in and 46in siblings are plasmas – but otherwise it shares the same high-end spec, including Viera Cast.  

We’ve already seen the latter built into Panasonic’s new Blu-ray players, but this is the first TV we’ve seen packing the internet-enabled technology, which allows you to access multimedia content from providers such as YouTube, Eurosport and photo-sharing site Picasa.

Viera Cast is as a neat, user-friendly feature, but isn’t much use without great picture and sound quality.

Stunning Freesat

Luckily, both of these are up to scratch too. The L37G15 is fitted with Freeview and Freesat tuners and both perform impressively.

The switch to Freesat results in a picture with marginally greater edge definition and less noise, and high-definition channels from BBC and ITV look stunning.

Champions League football on ITV HD looks pristine, with awesome clarity and depth to the picture. The motion of the players and the ball itself is solid and consistent for the full 90 minutes, which is more than can be said of most England games.

Impressive upscaling

The L37G15’s 10-bit panel is Full HD resolution, but even with the extra upscaling needed for standard-definition DVD playback, it mixes it with the best sets around.

Edge definition is crisp and precise, and the set paints a detailed picture, with virtually no trace of judder, even in high-octane scenes.

Match the screen’s resolution with Blu-ray’s 1080p pictures and the L37G15 puts in another strong showing as far as motion handling, realism and detail are concerned.

Get a grip

Even difficult panning scenes that others struggle to control are gripped firmly by this set. Black levels could be a touch deeper, but this is a minor criticism of a very accomplished all-rounder.

Sound quality is impressive too, with a solid, open delivery outshines most of its rivals.

Freesat might still be in its infancy, but if you’re seriously considering the commitment, this TV could very well be a deal-clincher.

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Panasonic TX-L37G15 review

A great addition to Panasonic’s ever-growing Freesat TV army and definitely one to audition