Full HD TVs have 1080 horizontal lines instead of the 720 or 768 of HR Ready sets. Therefore, they automatically look better, don’t they? Think again!

In fact, the number of pixels is only one factor that contributes towards picture quality. And at smaller screen sizes, like this 32-incher, it’s less of a factor than in bigger TVs. For that reason, before we saw this full HD Panny, we weren’t convinced it would be better than similarly spec’ed HD Ready Panasonic TVs we’d already reviewed. It turns out we were wrong.

When a product turns out better than expected, we’re always happy to be corrected by experience. And what an experience this Panasonic offers.

Hi-def all the way

Now, to get the full benefit of the 1920x1080 resolution, you’ll need to feed the Panasonic a diet of Blu-ray discs or 1080p gaming (we’re talking PS3 or Xbox 360 here). Then you’ll notice the stunning extra level of detail in people’s features and hair, the crisper edges to objects, and the smoother motion as your F1 car flies around Imola.

Even if you’re not yet a convert to the ways of HD or 1080p, then don’t forget that the broadcasting sands are shifting ever in the HD direction. So, while you might not be a high-def watcher now, you probably will be in three or four years’ time.

The finish is exact and compact, plus the three HDMI inputs are designed to keep the console/Blu-ray/Sky HD crowd happy, too. Menus and remote are as good as it gets at this price, while sound is typically average. If you like this set, check out the TX-32LZD85, which has even better sound.

The TX-32LZD80 is a great 32in TV in every respect: build, looks, features, spec and performance are all on the money. If you’re already a fan of HD it’s a no-brainer; if you think you will be soon, buy it too.

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Panasonic TX-32LZD80 review

For the full benefits of HD at an affordable price, this is the 32in set to own