This machine rewrote the rulebook for sub-£1000 projector performance. In fact, it stopped us in our tracks with a picture quality unseen at this price.

There’s not much to get excited about before you see the PT-AX200E in action; Panasonic opts for sensible styling, though the build is decent enough. The remote control is compact but effective.

Not Full HD

One area where this Panasonic has dated is in terms of specification, where its lower-than-Full HD resolution (it’s a 1280x720 model) now looks a little substandard.

But it can still comfortably deal with 1080p/24fps video content. There are two HDMI connections, plus component, S-Video and composite inputs. It’s also fairly quiet in operation.

A neat joystick on the front, coupled with zoom and focus controls on the lens, makes positioning your picture a doddle.

Bright whites, deep blacks

Watching Blu-rays, we’re again impressed by the Panasonic’s dynamic palette that’s simultaneously capable of bright whites and deep blacks. Good contrast levels allow for plenty of hues in between, and the ’AX200E shows an assured, even balance.

It also delivers plenty of detailed, textured skin tones and fast motion is handled smoothly, though you can expect some momentary loss of focus and structure with particularly testing scenes. We did catch the odd glimpse of the ‘lattice effect’, our 7ft screen revealing hints of the LCD’s lines.

This projector remains a great choice – especially at such a low price. Yes, a Full HD resolution projector can now be bought for this sort of money, but the PT-AX200E does enough to hang on to its five stars.

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Panasonic PT-AX200E review

So old it can get a free bus pass, but still great value and for the most part doesn’t show its age in any way