Packard Bell oneTwo L i5871 – value?

Considering the price, Packard Bell's Windows 7 touchscreen oneTwo L i5871 measures up brilliantly. It’s a pared-back version of its brother-from-the-same-mother-company, the Acer Aspire Z5801, and you can get it for £200 less online, making it a real bargain.

Packard Bell oneTwo L i5871 – sound per pound

The oneTwo’s frame lacks the metal legs and large speaker bar of the Aspire, but that could be a plus, depending on your aesthetic proclivities. The speaker bar isn’t as strikingly oversized as some, and while it looks less ostentatious, the sound suffers for it. You’ll want external speakers for music or videos. A lack of Blu-ray drive is a more serious fault.

Packard Bell oneTwo L i5871 – touchscreen

The screen itself is one of the more responsive in terms of touch, and has respectably bright and well contrasted colours. Although it lacks discrete graphics, a true quad-core CPU gives it top-notch desktop processing power. But while the oneTwo’s Intel graphics are more than up to desktop work, they struggle with games, and can’t cope with playing recent titles at native resolution. If you plan to game or watch Blu-rays, it’s well worth spending the extra £150 on the Asus ET2410 for its separate graphics card. But if you’re not a gamer, this Packard Bell is an ideal alternative.

Packard Bell oneTwo L i5871 – socket and see

Two USB3.0 ports sit on the edge of the oneTwo, as do a card reader, mic and headphone jacks. Four more USB ports and an HDMI-in around the back should sort connectivity.

The touchscreen interface is summoned by tapping the semi-transparent icon in the top-right-hand corner of the screen. It calls up a pinboard-style overlay with a large, scrollable dock and touch-friendly internet and media browsers, but integration with Windows’ desktop is clumsy.

Overall, it certainly doesn’t feel cheap. The only physical drawback is that it sits a little too low to the desk for comfort – a problem that can be levelled at most all-in-ones without height-adjustable stands.

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Packard Bell oneTwo L i5871 review

Excellent in almost every way, especially if you pick it up at a bargain internet price