Now here's an expensive radio. Eton has teamed up with Porsche Design to provide a DAB/FM radio complete with separate iPod dock, and called it the P9120.

Naturally, with Porsche in the name – and Eton for that matter – ‘it’s gonna cost ya’. And cost you it does, weighing in at an impressively ridiculous £480.

Beauty or the beast?

Talking of weighing, this unit is on the heavy side, so we don’t have any concerns with the durability of the build.

That said, while the P9120 is clearly going for the luxury market, we’re not convinced by this machine’s appearance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but our eyes weren't entirely convinced by the industrial looks.

We’re much more enamored with the remote control. Again, it weighs a relative tonne – no bad thing where remote controls are concerned – but it feels classy and is intuitive to use. Oh, and it handily doubles as a torch.

Separate iPod dock

On board the brick-like unit are DAB and FM tuners, plus an alarm and room for 10 presets. Round the back you’ll find a headphone jack and a 3.5mm line input and an output.

Sound comes courtesy of three 1.5in full-range speakers – note the cone-like design – and a downward firing subwoofer driver.

Last but not least is that dock. Joined by a dedicated cable, it provides full remote control functionality of your iPod and will charge it into the bargain.

Sound lacks class

Back to the job in hand and the three full-range speakers and subwoofer just don't deliver the goods sonically.

Whether listening to the iPod or the radio, tunes have an edge that becomes uncomfortable at loud volumes, while the midrange lacks refinement.

Play something that requires a bit of muscle and the Porsche Eton P9120 can certainly deliver the required power, and there’s good bass control, too.

Not an all-rounder

But despite this muscular presentation, and decent timing to boot, the P9120 doesn’t do anywhere near enough musically to justify the outlay.

If you really want that Porsche badge or you’re smitten with the design then don’t let us stop you – but if sonic performance and value for money are key concerns, we’d suggest you look elsewhere on the forecourt.


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Porsche Eton P9120 review

A pricey DAB and dock that’s easy on the eyes but less so on the ears