You've woken up with a faceful of dirt and a prodigious hangover after what you can only assume was a highly successful night. You need a coffee.

But the queue at Bob's Greasy Unpleasantness is 400 metres long and populated by suntanned, healthy-looking kids that make you feel even iller. You should have brought a stove. More specifically, you should have brought an Optimus Nova+.

Burn, burn, yes you’re gonna…

The Nova+ is a multifuel stove that comes with everything you need to get going. It consists of a half-full aluminium fuel bottle, a malleable windbreak, a novel fuel hose and the burner itself – a modest work of art.

The stove has three concentric fold-out legs that double up as an aggressive-looking serrated pot support surface. What makes the hose special is that the controls for the stove are at the fuel bottle end of it, so you don't need to burn yourself or risk the flame blowing out when you want to adjust the heat.

All components feel extremely well made, which is hardly surprising given their price tag. You really do get what you pay for.

Perhaps the neatest element of the Nova+ design is its multifuel nature. Rather than forking out for an expensive Campingaz bottle replacement, you just refill the fuel bottle with whatever liquid fuel you have to hand. Check the instructions first, mind.

Man make fire

To get going you pressurise the fuel in the bottle using its sturdy, machined aluminium hand pump, release the fuel valve and hold a match or lighter to the gauze at the base of the stove. It’s very straightforward, and the Nova+ swiftly focuses into a hot, blue flame.

According to the specifications, the Nova+ is rated to 2850W output and will boil a litre of water in just 3 and a half minutes. Our own tests bore this out fairly accurately – you certainly shouldn't be waiting more than 4 minutes for a brew, depending on the pan you’re using.

The whole package comes with a carry case and is eminently portable – perfect for expedition use, though arguably a bit hardcore and pricey for the typical festival goer. That said, if you want the best portable stove going, the Nova+ is most definitely worth a look.


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Optimus Nova review

A work of art that works, the Nova+ is a prince among multi-fuel burners